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This is your cause too! Please donate to project our shared message through media and yard signs to voters who will be thrilled to learn that Keller4America speaks for them too!

Maximum donation allowed is $2800 per election, per individual (citizen or permanent resident alien). Donations of any amount will be cherished and applied prudently. Keller4America employs no paid staff so each penny of your donation will be applied to campaign communications like yard signs ($3.75 each) and newspaper advertisements ($280 for full-page community-level newspaper advertisement). 


Federal Elections Commission Contribution Limits 2019-20

DONATE by personal check (=100% of donation reaches Keller4America)

On the "memo" line of your personal check, please note your "employer" and "occupation" to satisify campaign reporting requirements ("Self-employed" and "Retired" work!).  Please mail checks to: 
  PO Box 16716
  Seattle, WA 98116
   Thank you!


DONATE by credit card via PayPal (only 97% reaches Keller4America / 3% to PP)


After clicking the "Donate" button below you will be routed to a page that offers two difficult-to-find donation options.

1. "Don't have a PayPal Account?" (most of us!) click the "Continue" hyperlink to be routed to the credit card donation page. This option is positioned to the left side of the page.

2. If you have a PayPal account then please select the "Log In To Paypal" box. This option is positioned to the right side of the page.


In either case, during the donation process please supply your "employer" and "occupation" to satisify campaign reporting requirements ("Self-employed" and "Retired" work!). Thank you 

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